Transparent / Ethical / Long-Term If you are an RVSF (registered vehicle scrapping facility), auto dismantler, auto shredder, scrap processor, registered mechanic center or even OEMs then Urban PGM is the best place to sell your scrapped catalytic converter.

Selling your scrapped catalytic converter is quick and easy.

With a robust and technology-based supply chain, our experienced team will help you at every stage right from pickup to payment. We use state-of-the-art technology and an exhaustive catalogue to provide fair pricing for each scrapped catalytic converter. Our processing center helps by creating the same level playing field for even the smallest player in the market.

Most importantly we do every single step in the most environmentally friendly way. You can sell in pieces and in bulk all at your convenience. You can opt from multiple standardized models.

  • We believe in environmentally friendly recycling
  • Evaluation by professionally trained staff
  • 100% transparent
  • 100/100 compliant with all required licenses and permits
  • Ethical
  • Free collections
  • Just a call away

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